Most households within the UK have a garage door, and they are vital for keeping your vehicles and belongings safe. But it is also important to keep your own safety in mind when it comes to using and being around your garage door. If you don’t take care, it could result in damage being caused to the door itself or injury to either yourself or a member of the family. That is why I wanted to take some time to list a few garage door safety tips to help you stay safe. There are a few things to look out for and keep an eye on, read on if you would like to know more.

1. Regular Maintenance Checks

Although a lot of garage doors are built to last, damage can still occur and it’s important to give your door a check once a month or so. You should check for any sharp edges that many have developed or any gaps that may let water in. Any mechanisms should also be looked over for rust or obstructions and the electrics should be inspected to ensure there’s no damage. Of course, if you’re not confident in doing these checks yourself, you should always call a professional.

2. Be Careful with Your Fingers

I know that this one is one of the more obvious garage door safety tips, but please watch where you put your fingers. This is particularly important when opening a manual door, especially ones that are hung on hinges. If your garage door is an ‘up and over’ style one, you should avoid putting your fingers near any gaps where they might get trapped. Sectional doors can also be dangerous for your fingers where each section rolls and folds.

3. Educate Children and Childproofing

This is one of the garage safety tips that is mainly directed at younger families or households that get a lot of visitors with children. Garage doors may seem like a toy to some kids, especially the motorised doors with a remote control. You should first make sure that your door is installed properly. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve had it done professionally. The easiest way to childproof your garage door is to ensure that any controls are out of reach.

You should also make sure that you educate any children that are likely to go near the door or be present when the door is in use. Make sure that they understand how the door works so that they are aware of any safety hazards. They should also be taught how to keep a safe distance from it when it is opening and closing.

4. Always Read the Manual

Another one of the more fundamental garage door safety tips, you may think that reading the manual is a little obvious. However, you’d be surprised how many people skip this bit. When we fit our doors, we always make sure that you know how it works, but not all fitters do this. If you haven’t had it explained to you, you should always read the manual. I know it’s not exactly ‘fun’ reading, but it’s especially important to read the health and safety sections. You never know, looking at the manual may shed some light on things you should keep an eye on. Most manuals also include a troubleshooting section where you can find answers to small queries.

5. Pre-Holiday Checks

One of our less obvious garage door safety tips, you should always give your garage door a once over before you go away. You should check for any gaps that may hinder the security of your home and any faults that may need fixing. If you have a motorised door, you could consider unplugging it before leaving. You can also get simple home security systems that can connect with apps on your phone and allow you to monitor it easily. They will usually notify you if the door gets opened.

6. Use Lighting

Garages can be pretty dark places. You should make sure that you either have a working light installed or easily accessible torches. This is so that if for any reason you get stuck inside your garage, you will be able to see what you are doing. You don’t want to be trying to find your way around when you can’t see, especially if you use your garage to store dangerous equipment.  

7. Seek Professional Help When Needed

Although these garage door safety tips should help you stay safe in most cases, if you do notice anything seriously wrong, you should hire a professional to take a look. You can apply a bit of oil if you notice your door isn’t working efficiently or give some parts a clean. However, you shouldn’t attempt any DIY repairs as this could cause damage to your garage door and potentially result in you hurting yourself.

If your door needs replacing, this also wouldn’t be a project for you to do on a Sunday afternoon. There are safety inspections to conduct and regulations to follow, which is where Hipwoods Garage Doors can help.

We can inspect your garage door and if we can repair it, we will. If this is not possible, then we will quote you for a new one. We offer a guarantee and complete aftercare service. This means that you can have complete peace of mind that you’ll be receiving a high-quality product, excellent customer service and expert advice when you need it. You can book a free survey today, or find out more about our services.