As a homeowner a key responsibility of yours is the maintenance of your home. Parts of your home naturally need replacing or repairing once they have worn out, and your garage door is no different. Many people may not have considered why it might be a good idea to get their garage door replaced, so here at Hipwoods we wanted to run through some of the best reasons to get it replaced!

Improved security

The most central reason to get a garage door replaced would be for security reasons. Since the garage door is at the forefront of the house it can pose a risk to you and your family’s security if it is not properly equipped to deal with forced entry. By replacing an old garage door with a fresh one, it will be much harder for potential thieves to enter the home, since newer models are more advanced.

Reducing energy costs

Old garage doors don’t have the same insulation capabilities as newer ones. If you’re using your garage as an additional room, you could be effectively saving a lot of money on your energy bills by replacing the old garage door with a new one that has the proper insulation for keeping the heat in and the cold out.

Fresh aesthetic

If you’re looking to change the aesthetic of your home, you can replace your current garage door and then find one that accurately matches your preferred design or style for your home. Luckily, there are various styles, sizes, and colours to choose from; take a look at our range here. In this way you can very easily transform the look of your home and make it look completely different.

Increasing curb appeal

Replacing the garage door will instantaneously increase the curb appeal and value of your house since it’s the first thing that potential onlookers will notice when observing your home. This is especially beneficial if you have plans to sell your house.

Safety measures

Aside from obvious security purposes, safety is also very important; making sure family members and friends are free from accidents or hazards while staying at your home is vital. An old garage door can potentially cause accidents, but there are modern ones that have more advanced features that usually equip it with a sensor of some kind.

Noise reduction

A faulty or old garage door can unfortunately make some quite annoying noises whenever it is opened or closed. Replacing the garage door will massively reduce the noise created here. If the garage door is not properly insulated, it will also tend to catch all the exterior noise from outside. Replacing with an insulated variety will definitely reduce the noise pollution.

Less maintenance needed

Maintenance on an old garage door (should any problems arise) can be quite expensive. By replacing with a new one you reduce the need for continued maintenance and can relax knowing you don’t have to worry about it.

Safer storage

If you decide to turn your garage into a storage space, it would be ideal to have the garage door replaced with proper protection and decent insulation. This would prevent moisture and air from entering your garage and protect your valuables and properties from any potential damage.

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