Keeping your garage dirt and dust-free may feel like a mammoth task to some. It certainly can be a pain when you want to keep everything within your garage clean and it never seems to stay so.

There are many ways in which dirt and dust can find their way into your garage. Most of it is usually hair, dead skin, bits of material, mud, debris or pet hair.

Thankfully, there are some really easy tips you can take on from our helpful blog that will help you prevent dust and dirt build-up in your garage.


Here are some of our expert tips to take in!


1.      Replace or repair garage door seals.


If there is a breeze coming through your garage doors, it is time to replace or repair the garage door seals. Dirt will get blown in through the gaps, leaving you with not just dirt but often lots of organic debris such as leaves and soil.

If you are unsure as to how to repair or fix your sealant, you can call out our brilliant team at Hipwoods to repair it!

It may also be the case that your garage door is no longer up to standard, and you may wish to replace the whole garage door. That is when you can contact us to help fit you a new door that will not only help prevent dust and dirt build-up but, will also be a great new addition to your home.


2.      Regularly clean the garage.


To keep your garage looking at its best, we recommend regularly cleaning it. This doesn’t necessarily mean with just a brush, as this often just throws up dust and spreads it further around.

We suggest using a microfibre cloth to help remove settled dust. Wipe down all surfaces and walls on which the dust is on. If you have any oil stains, use a harsh brush such as a wire scrub alongside dishwasher soap to help remove the stain. For any mold or mildew, use warm water and appropriate bleach or vinegar as found in your local supermarket to remove.

Keeping to a set cleaning schedule will help reduce the amount of dust and dirt build-up over time.


3.      Clean any tools and equipment before storing them in the garage.


Very similar to tip number 2, actively cleaning all equipment and tools before they enter the garage is a great measure to take when trying to prevent dust and dirt build-up in your garage. Using a damp cloth and cleaning solution where necessary, ensure all of the loose dirt is removed.

Installing a storage cabinet, shelving or rack also works well for keeping more regularly used tools in one area. If there is any dirt you have missed, it will most likely stay within this area – reducing the possibility of it being spread further around.


4.      Get an air vent fitted in the garage.


If you already have a ventilation system fitted in your garage such as an aircon unit, we advise that you are regularly cleaning and changing the filters. This helps reduce the spread of dust, as the unit won’t be constantly blowing collected dust in the filter across your garage.

Ventilation systems are a brilliant asset to any garage, whether it is to help heat you up or to cool the space down. They help keep the air circulating through your garage, which stops the dust from settling and spreading as well as keeping the air nice and clean.


5.      Seal the garage concrete floor.


Exposed concrete is terrible for producing lots of dust! It is great at producing chalky dust that seems to stick on every surface and it gets everywhere. That is why we highly recommend that you seal your garage’s concrete floor.

Sealing can be achieved using a variety of solutions such as epoxy resin, sealant and concrete paint. These brilliant floor coatings will all help towards reducing the amount of dust in your garage.



Keeping your garage looking great doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By following these helpful steps, you will be pleasantly surprised by the brilliant results. We of course, are always here to help should you uncover any problems with your garage doors along the way. Whether it is a simple repair, a door replacement or a new garage door system you are after – rest assured that our expert team at Hipwoods can help!

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