Thanks to the coronavirus, a lot more of us have been spending time at home, clearing out the garage, cleaning out the closets and getting a little more organised. 

At Hipwoods, we have seen a surge of queries regarding installation and garage door repairs. More and more people have been opting to use the pandemic as a time to spritz up their home and get the bits and bobs done that may usually go the wayside; garage door repairs being one of them! Why? Because the people of Gloucestershire are often too busy to sort things that may require them being at home, such as electrical problems with garage doors. 

If your garage door has a problem and you’re unsure if you should get it replaced or repaired, why not check out our previous blog? 

Many people use their garage for storage for their belongings or their vehicle, maybe they have even turned it into a home gym! Meaning it is important for your garage to be safe and secure. 

You can book a free survey with us if you’re worried about a fault, dent or are simply looking to update the look of your garage. 

Why not check out some of the work we have done? View our gallery here.