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With the winter months quickly descending on us, we thought we’d share our top 5 tips on maintaining your garage doors so that you don’t get caught out in the inclement weather!

We know that garage door winter maintenance is probably not at the top of your ‘to do’ list, but as they say ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ and by paying a little attention to your garage doors now, will save you heaps of inconvenience in the future.


Whether your garage is attached to your house or not, you should be aware of keeping your garage safe and your valuables secure. Garages are often seen as easy opportunities for thieves and are more often than not the target for burglaries. It is, therefore, essential to take steps to make sure your garage is as secure as possible.

There are so many options when it comes to picking a new garage door. From colours, material and remote options, it can be difficult to choose. With any garage door options there are benefits and cons.

Here are some of the benefits of wooden garage doors.


Prevent Dirt And Dust Build Up July Blog Hipwoods


Keeping your garage dirt and dust-free may feel like a mammoth task to some. It certainly can be a pain when you want to keep everything within your garage clean and it never seems to stay so.

There are many ways in which dirt and dust can find their way into your garage. Most of it is usually hair, dead skin, bits of material, mud, debris or pet hair.

Thankfully, there are some really easy tips you can take on from our helpful blog that will help you prevent dust and dirt build-up in your garage.

Hipwoods June 2021 blog - Reduce Garage Break-Ins


Garage break-ins are everyone’s worst nightmare. Not only do our personal belongings get taken or broken, but the whole situation feels like an incredibly intrusive experience that leaves many feeling vulnerable. Unfortunately, these situations are not uncommon therefore, it is crucial you actively go out of your way to reduce your chances of potential garage break-ins.

Although this guide cannot guarantee you won’t ever have to experience a garage break-in, it does provide very helpful advice that could help reduce the chances of a successful break-in.

Here are our top tips for reducing garage break-ins.