As we all know, the Covid-19 virus saw us all being locked down for many months, and as a result of that,  internet sales soared because we couldn’t get out to shop in the traditional way.  Many of us used the lock downtime to make home improvements and purchased what we needed online.  Delivery companies became exceptionally busy, as did food companies such as Just Eat, as we changed our lifestyles during the bleak months of lockdown restrictions.


Accepting deliveries can be a tricky business, particularly if you’re out or away for the weekend.  It can be a bit ‘hit and miss’ as to whether you’ll be able to accept your delivery.  But have you considered the benefits of a remote-controlled garage door? 

Here are 4 benefits to consider to make acceptance of parcels easier:

  1. Convenience

Let’s face it, we all want to make our fast-paced lives easier and look for ways to make our lifestyles convenient.  A remote garage door fits the bill perfectly because you don’t have the stress and strain of having to lift up a traditional ‘up and over’ garage door.  You can just push a button on the remote control and hey presto, your garage door lifts itself up!  It’s easy to open the door when accepting deliveries, even when you’re not there.

  1. Increased Security

Installing a remote-controlled garage door increases both your and your delivery’s security.  When you’re coming home from work in the dark winter months, there’s no need to get out of your car on the driveway late at night when visibility is negligible.  You simply use the remote to open the garage door and drive straight in. 

And obviously, if your delivery driver can place your parcels in your garage instead of outside your front door where they’ll be on full display, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that they’ll be secure and waiting for you when you get back.

Remote controlled garage doors are also harder to gain access to the garage than traditional up and over doors.  They have a complicated locking system that can only be accessed by the remote and simply won’t open without it.

  1. Increased Safety

Remote controlled garage doors come with an array of sensors and systems to prevent them from closing on objects or indeed people in front of them.   Traditional up and over garage doors, over time, can lose their spring tension and drop unexpectedly, which can be dangerous if you’re standing underneath it.

  1. Suitable for those with mobility issues

Special attention needs to be taken when making adjustments to your home to make it more accessible for people with mobility issues.  A remote-controlled garage door is the perfect solution for people to gain access to the garage without the strain of trying to open it manually.  If you’re expecting a parcel to be delivered, you can simply push the button and allow the courier to place your parcel in the garage.  You can then pick it up at your leisure and convenience.

Remote controlled garage doors can add value to your home also.  Aspects like security, convenience and safety are all valuable assets when selling a house and because remote garage doors come in a variety of colour and style options, they are aesthetically pleasing as well as being safe and secure.  A win-win combination!

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