There are so many options when it comes to picking a new garage door. From colours, material and remote options, it can be difficult to choose. With any garage door options there are benefits and cons.

Here are some of the benefits of wooden garage doors.



The Look

The major appeal of a wooden garage door is how it looks. It has a unique and traditional look that comes across as homely and refined. If your house has natural stone or wooden features, a wooden garage would fit in perfectly and add to the overall design of your home. You can also customise it to your home by being able to choose the different type of wood and its design.


Natural Material

As wood is a natural material, it can help your garage look less industrial and for in more with your home. Furthermore, you can help increase the longevity of your wooden garage door by using certain finishes to help protect it against problems such as rotting or warping. This can keep your garage looking fresh and looking brand new.



As mentioned earlier, wooden garages tend to have better longevity. Unlike other garages, a wooden garage will only look better as it ages. Compared to metal garage doors the slight wear and tear isn’t obvious and adds to the character of the garage door.


Manual or Automatic

Contrary popular belief, wooden garage doors can be operated manually or automatically. You can add a remote-control option or just keep them simple and open them by hand, therefore, giving you the option on whatever suits you best.



Vinyl or steel garage doors can crack or dent, whereas wooden doors are a lot more hardwearing. In addition, when they need repairing, a lot of the time you only need to repair a few panels rather than the whole door.


Overall, wooden garage doors offer a huge variety in styles and finishes. You can choose from metal-framed timber clad to one off commissioned hardwood and just about everything in between.

All wooden doors provided by Hipwood’s are up to the latest EU/EN standards and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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