Being stuck at home for a third national lockdown, we’ve had time to assess how little space we have at home. This is especially true for those who have been working from home and trying to cram their work computers and a new desk into a tiny corner of the house. Spending more time inside has brought it to a lot of people’s attention that they could really do with some extra space. It may not be the first thing to come to mind but have you thought about converting your garage?

It may not be ideal for those who use it for vehicle storage, but for those who simply use it to store boxes of knickknacks and souvenirs, converting it into a basic living space can give you more space to spread out. Maybe you want to convert it into a new office space? Perhaps you could do with a private hide-y hole where you can finally get some peace and quiet?

If you are thinking of converting your garage, one of the important things you will need to take into consideration is what you are going to do with the garage door. Without a proper door, it will always feel like a dark and drafty garage and it won’t be comfortable to be in at all. Choosing the right garage door can make all the difference with your new living space, and here are a few things you should consider:

Types of Access

Most people likely have an up-and-over door that requires you to lift it every time you want to go inside. If you don’t have a side door and any internal access to your garage this could get tiring very quickly. An ideal solution would a side-hung door. Some side-hung doors can look more like a traditional door and less like a garage. They also typically swing outwards, meaning that it doesn’t matter what you put inside your garage because you won’t have to worry about obstructing the door. This will allow you to make full use of all the available space.

Make Sure it Offers Insulation

The garage can be one of the coldest rooms in the house. This is because they aren’t usually insulated, and a lot of garage doors let in drafts. Some people may opt for investing in electric heaters. However, this will do no good if you haven’t eliminated the main source of the problem. You will of course need to make sure that the garage itself is properly insulated, but you need to make sure that your newly converted garage has a door that is of the highest standard too. It needs to be insulated as well as fit the opening in the wall perfectly. A tighter seal around the edge of the door will limit the amount of cold air from the outside that is let in.

Lighting is Key

As with most conversions, lighting is key. You won’t be able to do anything inside your new living space if you don’t have adequate lighting. Of course, you should ensure that proper lighting is installed in your garage anyway, but this is even more important if you intend to use it to work, relax or work-out in. Although incandescent light is important to use, natural light always wins. It’s easier on the eyes, and it’s free! One way to let natural light into your new garage conversion is with your garage door. You can get garage doors that have windows which let natural light in and look amazing too. More traditional designs will have windows at the top, which might be more suitable if you have a publicly visible garage door. However, if you have a garage that is more secluded, perhaps at the end of your garden, you can get fully glazed doors too.

I hope that this little guide to garage doors for garage conversions has been helpful. If you are thinking of converting your garage and need a new garage door that is more suitable to your needs, get in touch. At Hipwoods we can install a range of doors, including side-hung, roller doors, sectional doors and even stunning wooden doors. You can see what we can do in our portfolio and if you have any further questions about garage doors, you can easily get in touch by calling us on 01452 539455 or using our easy online contact form.