As a homeowner, you might not consider your garage as something that requires preventative forms of maintenance. Garage door operating systems are often neglected by homeowners because they often don’t think of these as something that needs maintaining! It’s remarkably easy to overlook, but is something you might be using every day around the home. The garage door is something that keeps the family safe year-round, so it stands to reason that it should be maintained like any other part of your home. Below we outline the importance of maintaining the garage door and why you need to be maintaining yours!

How often should it be maintained?

If you use your garage as a place to park your car, you will likely be using your door several times every day. In such cases, having your garage door maintained and serviced every year is vital. Many homeowners will use their garage to store their belongings while their cars are parked somewhere on the driveway. In such cases, every other year is ideal. The more frequently you use your garage door, the more it should be maintained!

Essential regular safety checks

A faulty garage door can be potentially dangerous to any member of the family. If your garage door chooses to malfunction, it could potentially close at any inopportune moment. Garage doors can suddenly close or fail to open at unexpected times. Should you fail to take care of your garage door, it can be potentially dangerous!

Saving money with routine maintenance

The longer an issue with your garage door is left unattended to, the more expensive a repair can be to fix. Many problems with garage doors will tend to slowly get worse and degrade over time. A simple and efficient fix now could become an expensive replacement if it is left unattended to. An unbalanced roller or garage door that isn’t moving as it should be could potentially be putting undue strain on the a door opener and drastically reduce its lifespan here.  A garage door opener which closes or opens at the wrong speed can potentially cause structural damage to your door as well. As a homeowner, you won’t want to deal with either of these issues.

Reasons for maintenance

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s a good chance that your garage door could be in need of repair or maintenance. Check one of the three reasons below for why you might need to get your garage door maintained:

  1. Convenience – Garage doors are highly convenient, allowing us to escape the heat or cold alongside the snow and rain. Having a garage door that is broken is a massive inconvenience. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in the freezing cold having to deal with the hassle of getting in and out of your house.
  2. Avoiding unexpected repairs – Minimising unnecessary expenses and ensuring that your garage door stays in perfect working order all year is extremely important. Some simple maintenance can go a long way in preventing any major issue with your garage door down the road.
  3. Efficiently operated sensors – Your garage door sensors are the most critical areas of the garage door. If they are not working as they should be, your door isn’t likely to close. Your garage door sensors might need to be realigned or cleaned, especially if you have noticed that they aren’t shutting in a regular manner.


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