When you’re looking to invest in a new garage door, the number of options available to you can be overwhelming at times. Remotely operated systems, rollers, sectionals, retractable, side hung; which is the best to choose? There are advantages and disadvantages that come with all these styles of garage door, but many homeowners forget about wood. Because of this fact, we have put together a number of benefits relating to wooden garage doors from Hipwoods.


Thanks to the versatility of wood, these garage doors can be custom built to the exact specification of the homeowner. Subsequently garage doors can built to fit garages that come in all shapes and sizes.


One of the biggest appeals to a wooden garage door is the traditional, unique aesthetic that they come with. With the right home, they can look extraordinarily sophisticated, and can perfectly complement rugged natural features such as rockeries and logs.

Treated naturally

There are a number of natural treatments available for our wooden garage doors that can increase its lifespan. There are certain oils, for example, that can guard against the problems that can occur from wood such as rotting, warping, or bending, keeping your wood looking brand-new!

Easy to repair

Unlike some styles of other garage doors, wood can be extraordinarily simple to repair. Since wood doesn’t dent or crack like aluminium, vinyl, or steel, and when damaged they only one or two panels will need replacing, they make the perfect choice for those concerned with efforts to repair.


Wooden garage doors can now be operated both automatically and manually, which means that there are no real mechanical or functional advantages if you want to opt for a metal type of garage door.


You may not be aware that wood is a natural barrier to sound. A wooden garage door can therefore prove to be extraordinarily beneficial in an area polluted by loud noise. If you live in a street that is particularly busy, wooden garage doors will be far more soundproof than a door made from vinyl or steel.


Wooden garage doors can be just as hardwearing as their metal counterparts. Wood that is treated properly can withstand rapid temperature changes and also serve as insulation. This means that a wooden garage door will be warmer during winter and cooler in the summer, which is perfect!

Long lasting

Although garage doors can be extremely hardwearing, that is not the only reason to invest in one long-term. Unlike several other styles of garage door, the wooden versions will maintain its quality as it continues to grow old. In this way, it accrues charm as the years pass and it faces the elements.

Wooden doors at Hipwoods

Wooden garage doors offer a huge variety in styles, finishes and cost from the traditional to the ultra-modern.  You can choose from metal-framed timber clad to one off commissioned hardwood and just about everything in between.

Please call us to discuss bespoke projects.

All wooden doors provided by Hipwood’s are up to the latest EU/EN standards and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.


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