I am not sure if you realised it but the appearance of your garage doors can help you to sell your house.

This time of year and January especially sees Estate Agents actively encouraging people to get their homes ready for sale. One thing they talk about is the importance of ‘kerb appeal’.

Basically, they are talking about the first impression a potential buyer has when they pull up in their car prior to a viewing. Many potential buyers are either inspired or put off by the first impression of the outside of a property.

They want to see a tidy front garden or driveway, windows and paintwork that are in good condition and a roof that doesn’t need repair. These things are especially important at this time of year when properties may not be looking their best in the poor visibility of autumn.

They also want to see a smart set of garage doors as this is an important part of that first impression and the kerb appeal.

So if you are thinking about getting your property ready for marketing you should take a good look at your garage doors. If they are in need of repair, a lick of paint or even replacement then I can help.

If you live in Gloucestershire, then give me a call now on 01452 539455 to find out what I can do for you.